Neuroscience How is the brain a living circuit board? Fluid Dynamics How do birds fly and fish swim? Medicine Can quantum physics and magnets diagnose disease? Bio-Computing Can we build a better computer out of DNA? Bio-Luminescence How and why does the ocean glow? Bio-Photonics Can lasers be used as tractor beams for cells? Bio-Acoustics Why is sound coming OUT of your ears? High Energy Physics Can a beam of protons be used to treat cancer? Micro-Fluidics How tall can trees grow? Photosynthesis How does quantum physics help the rainforest to thrive? Vision Why is your eye both the best and worst camera? Nano-Technology Can we harness the molecular machinery inside your cells? Optical Physics How can the colours of insects lead to better optics? Electro-Physiology How does the squid teach us about cell electricity?

"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known."

Carl Sagan

Biophysics at York University

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